Job line for Tuesday, November 2, 2021

We have no calls.

We can build back better, but anti-worker Senators want to exclude IBEW members by removing Davis-Bacon and other labor standards from the infrastructure jobs of the future.

  • Our crumbling infrastructure desperately needs investment. And the workers who rebuild it need good union jobs with decent pay and benefits, not piecemeal employment for low wages and scant benefits.
  • We can modernize our electric grid, expand access to broadband internet, invest in our transportation sector, including public passenger rail and our ports, and rebuild our roads, bridges, and airports. We cannot allow this long-sought legislation to become a $1 trillion handout to corporations and Wall Street interests.
  • Our investment must create and sustain good-paying union jobs with strong labor protections. America can’t grow if we don’t invest in good American jobs.

Sign the petition telling our leaders to invest in America’s infrastructure and secure the future for America’s workers.

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