Job line for Friday, July 30, 2021

We have 3 calls for 27 JW’s.

  1. D&Z/WILSONVILLE 22 JW’s scheduled 5-10’s but going to 6-10’s for the outage. Drug test after dispatch and hire in on Monday.
  2. WHITE/PELLET MILL in Demopolis 3 JW’s working 6-10’s with $4 per hour per diem. Report to shop after dispatch.
  3. I&S/T-MOBILE Switching station 2 JW’s working 5-8’s with possible OT. DT after dispatch and hire in Monday.

The project should last 6 or more months.

Must pass a 10 year background check, performed at jobsite.

Tobacco use is not allowed on the jobsite.

No cell phone allowed during work hours.

Must provide Direct Deposit information at time of hire.


Alabama power calls require a letter from your doctor if on prescription medication.         

All calls require OSHA 10 card, two forms of ID, one being a non-laminated social security card.