4/9/2021: BAMAZON

Union Busting is Disgusting! 

We’re in the final days of the RWDSU drive to unionize the 5,800 BHM1 Amazon workers. These workers have stood up to unprecedented surveillance intended to intimidate. As union members, we know the bosses do all in their power to weaken our hand to protect their profits. For these Amazon workers, this is only the first round fight. As union members in the greater Birmingham area, it’s our duty to stand with Amazon workers and prepare for the next round in this battle!

We are joining over 11 other unions in solidarity on Sunday April 11th at a rally and barbeque to stand with BAmazon workers. Because an injury to one is an injury to all, WE NEED YOU THERE! 

Where: RWDSU Hall, 1901 10th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205

When: Sunday April 11th, 5:00pm 

What: Rally & BBQ, Union Busting is Disgusting! 

Solidarity on Sunday April 11th at 5pm is just the beginning!