Job line for Friday, September 24, 2021

We have 4 calls for 12 JW’s .

We have 3 spots available in our welding class if interested call the school at 205-849-5522

  1. D&Z/WILSONVILLE 2 JW’s working 6-10’s. Drug test after dispatch and hire in Monday.
  2. D&Z/MILLER 1 JW working 5-10’s on daily maintenance. Drug test after dispatch and hire in Monday.
  3. WHITE/SHOP 6 JW’s with control experience working 6-10’s with a $4 per hour per diem at the Demopolis Pellet Mill. Hire in after dispatch.
  4. WHITE/SHOP 3 JW’s working 4-10’s at the Cold Storage warehouse job on Lake Shore. Hire in after dispatch.


Alabama power calls require a letter from your doctor if on prescription medication.         

All calls require OSHA 10 card, two forms of ID, one being a non-laminated social security card.